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2016 Flooring Trends: Keep your Home Current

Flooring plays an important role while you are constructing a new home or renovating the old one. People look for the latest flooring trends and are prepared to tackle the new trends for their houses. Earlier, the flooring trends don’t change often nor the décor of the house, but the advancement in technologies has led these trends to change rapidly. Even, it is possible to do more than ever before with variety of flooring options. Continue reading


Do’s and Don’ts with Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl has a variety of enviable characteristics and become an admired choice to many home owners. Vinyl flooring is a versatile flooring option in today’s market because of its durability, strength and provides a luxurious comfort. Historically, vinyl is a major competitor against other resilient flooring options, due to its Eco- friendly nature. The alluring appearance and comfortable texture of vinyl is now available at economical price. Vinyl floors are universal and can be used in all environments. Vinyl flooring is a flawless material that can be installed in any area or location with no difficulties. It comes in various colors, sizes, textures, graceful designs and themes. Continue reading