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2016 Flooring Trends: Keep your Home Current

Flooring plays an important role while you are constructing a new home or renovating the old one. People look for the latest flooring trends and are prepared to tackle the new trends for their houses. Earlier, the flooring trends don’t change often nor the décor of the house, but the advancement in technologies has led these trends to change rapidly. Even, it is possible to do more than ever before with variety of flooring options.

Arizona flooring trends for 2016 includes the use of wood, tiles, vinyl and more in parquet and in wide planks. Parquet pattern is the latest Arizona flooring trend that is gaining popularity and is also the revised form of geometric pattern. Large, wide planks and large format flooring options are found in flooring stores in Arizona that will make your space look bigger and more open.

Latest flooring trends for 2016 in the world of wood, tiles, vinyl, bamboo, cork, and faux wood that gives your house a more modern look are as follows:

Wood Flooring:

Latest flooring trends for wood includes very dark colors such as espresso, dark walnut, true browns and very light colors such as blonde. Arizona flooring trends include grey toned woods that continue to be popular this year also. The traditional woods that are reclaimed from old buildings and constructions are found in flooring stores in Arizona.

Tile Flooring:

Wood looked tiles are the most popular Arizona flooring trend that is becoming a whole house staple. Using different patterned and shaped tiles for walls and backsplash are also taking up floors this year. Geometric, brick look, cement look, metallic and large format tiles are the latest flooring trend in tiles. These tiles are also found in different shapes and sizes in flooring stores in Arizona.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl tiles have come up in totally waterproof feature and technologies has also made it better this year. These tiles are becoming the most popular Arizona flooring trends and can be found in wood looks, natural stone look and more in flooring stores in Arizona. Latest flooring trends for vinyl also include leather look, loose lay look and metallic look also.

Cork Flooring:

As cork is an eco friendly, joint friendly and resilient with a totally unique and diversified look, it continues to be the part of Arizona flooring trend this year also.


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboos are one of the strongest floors with unique looks and colors and are not going anywhere this year. Latest flooring trends includes blonde wood look bamboos and continue to be a staple selling product for flooring stores in Arizona.

Faux Wood Flooring:

Arizona flooring trends this year includes faux wood tiles as a substitute of wood as it is less expensive, durable, easy to maintain and give the same elegant look of wooden flooring.

All the above latest flooring trends will help you to get more modernized, beautiful and clean look for your house. 


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