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How to Remove Carpet Mold

Carpet floorings is extremely soft to touch and feel and give certain richness to whichever area it is installed in and that is why a lot of people prefer installing carpet floors in their house. But this flooring requires maintenance and one needs to be extra careful about it. One of the biggest problems pertaining to this flooring is developing carpet molds which spread odor in the house. These molds are especially developed underneath the furniture and one needs to check the surface regularly. 

Carpet molds are not very easy to treat and hence you keep your carpet clean at all times. But just in case you do develop a mold you can either treat it by yourself or take help from a professional. Professional carpet cleaners have access to better treatment due to certain machines in place but you can also remove the molds by renting you certain tools at a much economical rate.

Carpet Mold

There are a few ways to remove carpet molds.

Method 1: Removing Carpet Mold using Home Supplies

This is the easiest way to remove your carpet mold. First of all, ventilate the room as it reduces humidity in the room and also lessens the associated odor. If the room does not have windows, turn on the fan pointing towards a doorway. If you have installed carpet tiles, then you can remove the particular tile(s) that has developed moles in it and keep it under sunlight for 24-48 hours. This will help in stopping the growth of the moles. A lot of people also use white vinegar to avoid any stains on the carpet. Just apply it lightly on the carpet and scrub off any mold.

Method 2: Using Commercial or Professional Treatment

You could buy an anti-mold or antifungal spray which is easily available in any drug store or supermarket. Check the label for instructions on how to use it. Another option is cleaning your carpet using a carpet cleaning product. It not only helps fight the molds but also deodorizes the carpet. Some people even rent specialized steam cleaning vacuums to get rid of the molds. Once the carpet is vacuumed, make sure to dry it before re-installing. If you think the mold have spread onto a large area of your carpet or has reached the backend, then you can consider hiring an expert as well.

Method 3: Preventing Carpet Mold

Once your mold is treated, you must ensure that it never comes back. One of the best ways to ensure that a mold is never developed is by ensuring there is least bit of moisture in the room and the sub-floor. Always keep ventilation in the room where carpet is installed.

Hope these techniques help you.


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