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Luxury Vinyl Tile is the NEW Flooring Trend

Out of the various Vinyl Flooring Options, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is definitely one of the most unique and popular choices that people prefer. Up until now, Luxury Vinyl tiles were not a favorite choice amoung homebuyers and the average customer. They were thought to be more for commercial establishments. But now the trend is changing quickly. This particular type is very different from other vinyl tiles even in its manufacturing and even its aesthetics.

The best part about this tile is that they can imitate the look of hardwood perfectly well. You can even have a luxury vinyl tile that looks like stone. The difference is unnoticeable to even trained eyes. And all of this is available at a fraction of the price of real hardwood or stone. Cost effectiveness is a major advantage of luxury vinyl tiles, due to which it even has a considerable market among home buyers. They give the look and feel of natural materials at a very economical and budget friendly price. This has caused the change in trends.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is the NEW Flooring TrendCommercial enterprises can afford any type of floor that they want. But luxury vinyl has been and is still the most popular choice for them. Its unique features and convenience has made it the first option that people ask for when choosing floors for their establishments.

Tiles made from 100% vinyl are also considered a ‘green’ option for flooring for your home. They are also a considerable safe option. They meet the safety requirements of flammability. They are even slip resistant and make a good flooring for homes with kids and pets. Being vinyl tiles, they are also easy to maintain, even if subject to some levels of moisture. Maintenance with this floor is easy. It just needs simple mopping. As long as there is no seepage from below, there is no trouble.

The thickness of luxury vinyl tile is usually 20mm. This has various layers which are resistant to scratches, dents and even stains. These tiles are extremely durable. Sometimes, such durability may be overqualified for home use as they are manufactured to sustain commercial wear and tear such as high traffic and heavy weights. They also have very good warranties with them, sometimes upto 20-25 years.

The choices within luxury vinyl tiles are large. There are many sizes, colors, shapes and textures. Vinyl Flooring Phoenix experts can help you choose the right kind of luxury vinyl tile for your floor and need. The best part about these floors has got to be the way they look. The aesthetics are unmatched. Whether you buy luxury vinyl that looks like wood or stone or even just a normal luxury tile, it adds a certain class and elegance that enhances the look of any room or space.


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