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The Low Cost Secret to Cleaning Your Concrete Garage Floor

How many times have you thought of how dirty your garage is and how often have you thought of cleaning it but didn’t get around to do it given the various reasons. It can be that you tried and didn’t work out as expected or that the product you used isn’t working too well. Before you try another time, you will need to do a bit of a research as to how to clean a garage floor. It is not that expensive or hard for a DIY project for a weekend. Continue reading


How to Shop for Bamboo Floorings

Bamboo flooring is definitely one of the most ‘green’ and Eco-friendly flooring option available in the market. Most people have a misconception that bamboo is a tree, but it is actually a grass. It takes only 5-6 years to reach maturity which is very less when compared to trees. They have a rhizome which makes the grass grow again without human harvesting. Many people are confused as to how to buy bamboo flooring. This article will serve as a complete bamboo flooring buying guide. Continue reading