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Home Decorating Tips: Fun with Flooring Ideas

Floor is an interior decoration for your home where you spend quality time like walking, dancing, sleeping and party at times with friends and family. There are wide ranges of flooring options like Wood, Laminate, Ceramic Tiles, Slate/ stone, carpets, and vinyl flooring etc. available in today’s market. With these various options it is quite difficult to choose the perfect flooring idea for your home or work place.
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How to Care Your Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring?

Tigerwood is an exotic Brazilian hardwood also known as “Brazilian Koa” which provides one of the most special floorings you will never see. It has been named for its stripy appearance, colors of carroty with murky brownish black striping that somewhat resembles tiger stripes. Tigerwood is found in South American Countries like Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and Guatemala. Tigerwood also has high resistance to insect hits and climatic effects. Tigerwood price is comparatively more than other strong woods but it gives any room a dynamic, exotic feeling and a sense of luxury straight away. Continue reading